5 Hours in Boston

WHERE: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

WHEN: June 2015

HOW LONG FOR: 5 Precious Hours!

I recently said “see ya!” to old England and travelled to New England for my first international scientific conference (insert terrified emoji here). The conference itself, which was actually awesome, was in Newry Maine up a beautiful mountain – I can’t wait to write a blog post on that… SO MANY PRETTY PICTURES! However, being a Brit, I flew to the nearest international airport, Boston Logan. I had 5 hours in this city, and I was determined to fight the jetlag and make the most of it!

Everyone I had spoken to before I left England said that Boston was really ‘cool’. I spent many hours googling Boston, things to do, must see’s etc… and to be honest I didn’t find a lot. That’s not strictly true – I would love to have visited the Harbour, the Aquarium, Harvard, and walked the Freedom Trail, but I simply didn’t have the time. However, when I arrived I instantly understood what the people I had spoken to had meant. Boston is just really COOL. Dotted with pretty townhouses with trendy roof-gardens, cool quirky cafés selling trendy health foods, and beautiful old churches nestled amongst the tall business blocks. Not only that, but the Bostonians also oozed cool, groups of friends out for a casual run at 6AM, or paddle-boarding down the Charles River at sunset. As I was wandering around taking in this charismatic city, I caught myself uttering the words “I could live here”, which trust me, is rare. 5 hours was all it took, Boston. Well done.

The view from my hostel. I WANT THAT ROOF GARDEN
The view from my hostel window. I WANT THAT ROOF GARDEN


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Charles River
Charles River


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Dinner in Chinatown
Dinner in Chinatown

p.s. sorry for the poor picture quality… all I had was my iPhone!

9 thoughts on “5 Hours in Boston

    1. It was definitely a pitstop tour! I loved it so much I’m determined I’ll go back someday , your blog looks awesome I will definitely use that, thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, that’s really sweet of you! When I got there I was so annoyed at myself for not bringing my good camera, but my little iphone coped surprisingly well! 🙂


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