A week up a mountain in Newry

WHERE: Newry, Maine, USA

WHEN: June 2015



As I mentioned in my last post on 5 Hours in Boston , I was lucky enough to be selected to attend a conference in the States. The conference itself was in the middle of nowhere… up a mountain… in Newry ME … a 4-hour coach journey from Boston.

I spent 8 hours a day science-ing HARD. It was awesome. So many world-experts in one place. So much good science. So much good food (big part of any scientific meeting). Unlike most conferences, our free time was actually in the afternoon. So I filled my afternoons with activities like swimming and archery, but mostly…. hiking. We were staying at the ski resort Sunday River, and even though there wasn’t any snow we were able to take the ski lift up the mountain and hike along the summit trail. I have to admit, before I left England I did sort-of wish the conference was somewhere more ‘exciting’ like New York, or Tokyo. However, as soon as I stepped off the coach onto the Newry mountainside, I was perfectly happy just where I was.





My first groundhog sighting!
My first groundhog sighting!

2 thoughts on “A week up a mountain in Newry

    1. Hi Sabrina! I actually went for work, so I went hiking with both people I knew and others I met that week! I hadn’t really thought about going to ski resorts in the summer before , but it was so so pretty.. So I decided to blog it ! 🙂

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