Food Fayre Fun

WHERE: Burwash Manor (Cambridgeshire, U.K.)

WHEN: February 2016

HOW LONG FOR: An afternoon


I love food. And I love cute little farm shops. So when I heard about the Love Food event at Burwash Manor this weekend, I was down there in a flash!

Burwash Manor is an organic farm that has converted its buildings into little boutique shops. The Love Food event saw both street food vans selling delicious snacks, and a marquee where local businesses showcased their best produce with free samples. I had the most scrumptious spinach and pine nut rosti and sweet potato fries from the food vans. From the individual stalls, my favourites were the peanut butter brownies by Gourmet brownie (literally, so much yum) and the vanilla fudge by Lovingly Homemade by Hibiscus Lily. Here are some of the pictures I took throughout the day – I think I’m going to be hashtagging foodporn a LOT while posting these. 

DSCF1551 DSCF1580DSCF1564DSCF1563DSCF1581DSCF1587DSCF1570DSCF1558

There was also this guy who worked the camera like a pro!

DSCF1535 copy

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