Visiting my bestie in Brighton


Last weekend I went to visit one of my closest friends in her not-so-new home, Brighton.

I had been to Brighton before, years ago, but I had mainly stuck to the beach and the pier. This time we weaved our way through the lanes, popping into quirky boutiques and stopping to refuel at adorable little cafes that have the shabby-chic decor down to a tee. Then, me being a beach baby at heart, I insisted we headed to the sea.

Brighton is a town that oozes cool. It’s funny, because being hipster is almost the norm there – I looked in one cafe and 90% of the people were in denim shirts and wearing wide rimmed glasses (Not gona lie- I whipped my pair out first chance I got.. partly because I love pretending to be cool enough to pass as a hipster and also because my eyesight is genuinely getting worse…. dammit). What I think is incredibly special about Brighton is that although there is definitely a hipster-ish vibe, it is in no-way judgey. Brighton seems to just accept everybody for who they are, which I thought was bloomin’ fabulous. Here are a couple of snaps from my day…. followed by my food recommendations!





For lunch I would highly recommend The New Club. I had the halloumi salad but I can also say that the pulled pork tacos were delish!


For sweet treats, head over to the Creperie. The apple and cream panacake is SO GOOD!


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