Exploring Jasper National Park


WHERE: Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

WHEN: June 2016


From Whistler we made the 9 hour drive to Jasper through Wells Grey Park and Mt Robson Park. We found that Jasper was by far the best place for spotting wildlife – we saw bears, elk, chipmunks, deer, moose, red squirrels, mountain goats and even the elusive caribou.


Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake is on Maligne Road, and was once thought to have healing properties. This is where we saw the caribou, having a great time on the distant shores.


Maligne Lake

As we pulled into the parking lot for Maligne Lake, there was a mother moose and her calf just in the middle of the carpark on a grass island having a snack! After pausing for a couple of photos, the pair made their way down to the lake and swam across (did you know moose could swim?! I didn’t). We arrived at Maligne just before a storm, and it was  so beautifully calm.



Maligne Canyon

A short drive from Maligne Lake was Maligne Canyon. As far as canyons go… it was pretty impressive!


Patricia & Pyramid Lakes

The Patricia and Pyramid Lakes are much closer to Jasper town. The first time we drove to the lakes it was raining… So I made us come back after dinner when the weather was better! Even though Pyramid Mountain faces the wrong way at sunset for pretty mountain photographs, the lakes at golden hour were magical.




  • Karouzo’s I had the best steak I’ve ever eaten here.
  • Earl’s We later realised that this is a chain of restaurants, but the food was great! The steak and the burger were delish.

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