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Okay… I’m going to hold my hands up and say I’m a little bit sporadic when it comes to posting on my blog. To be honest, it’s more of a case of um-ing and ah-ing about taking a tentative step outside of the travel bubble during the months when life is busy, or money is tight, and I haven’t been away so much. I think 2017 is the year to have a pop at it. This is my own little corner of the internet, after all. So…. why not?

So, I’m may be a little patchy when it comes to writing blogs, but when it comes to READING them? I’m pretty much a daily scroller. So I thought I’d write a post sharing some of my favourite blogs. Ones that I read on-the-reg, which inspire me to create content for my own.

1. Gemma Peanut Gallery by Gemma Pranita

Gemma’s was the first blog I ever subscribed to! I came across her instagram page, and I thought she had such an awesome sense of style. Then I clicked through to her blog and saw all of her travel posts. Recently she started a photography course and so has shared some photography videos, which made me love her page even more! I also recently took part in her Photo challenge on instagram, and not gona lie, freaked out a little when she shared my photos on her own page. I didn’t realise I was such a fangirl. Apparently I am!

2. Tuula Vintage by Jessica Stein

Through clicking around Gemma’s blog, I read that she was inspired to start blogging by a fashion/travel blog called Tuula Vintage. When I visited Jessica’s page I was hooked. She is so effortlessly chic. She has mastered the candid, looking-off-into-the-distance-like-noones-taking-a-photo shot to a TEE.

3. The Londoner by Rosie Thomas

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across Rose’s blog… but I’m SO glad I did! As the name suggests, she posts a lot about cool places to see and eat in London, which is great for me because its relatively nearby! She also blogs about her travels all over the world, and I find myself searching her page if I’m planning a trip somewhere new. Finally, she has the most ADORABLE dog called Custard.

4. Gal Meets Glam by Julia Engel

I found Julia’s blog through one of Rosie’s posts on The Londoner, because they’re blogger pals and go on the most amazing looking trips together. Julia also posts a lot of lovely travel posts, but her blog is maybe a little more fashion-focussed. Her style is awesome and she always looks so put together.

5. World of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward

World of Wanderlust is my absolute favourite for all-things-travel. Brooke posts so often,  I don’t know how she does it! There’s SO MUCH good advice on her blog, from destination inspo to amazing eats to travel hacks. She even has downloadable city guides – we found her Venice one super useful during our trip there last October. She also has a great youtube channel.

6. Polkadot Passport by Nicola Easterby

Polkadot Passport is another great travel blog with lots of advice on destinations around the world. I recently re-discovered Nicola’s blog through an advice post she wrote about blogging. She explained what ‘web-hosting’ means so well that even I understood!

7. Go Live Explore by Alicia Haque

I discovered Alicia’s blog after she (very kindly) followed mine on WordPress! I found it especially useful when planning my recent trip to Canada, because Alicia is a British ex-pat living in Vancouver. She has so many awesome articles on great hikes and things to do in and around British Columbia. She seems like such a lovely gal, and also…. #hairgoals.

8. Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward

I’ve been a fan of Ella’s blog for years. She adopted a whole-foods plant based diet to manage a health condition known as PoTS. Her site is a great place to find healthy recipes and inspiration… I especially like her healthy snacks. I also love the style of her food photography, its so clean and light… just like the food!

9. Fitness on Toast by Faya Nillson

I started reading Faya’s blog only a couple of weeks ago. I’m not gonna lie… I literally googled ‘good fitness blogs‘. Although I’ve managed to keep up a pretty solid exercise regime for a whole year now (P.B – *fist pump*) I definitely felt that that January gym-pulse. I have a scroll through this blog before I exercise for a little motivation! Faya also has a section about healthy active holidays, and you know what they say – a spoonful of travel definitely helps the cardio go down! (that’s not really a saying… it should be though! I’m coining it.)

10. The Simple Things

Okay, so maybe this last one isn’t a typical blog… but they have a blog. So it counts! The Simple Things is one of my favourite magazines. Seriously, if you ever want warm fuzzy feels, pick one up. They have all the little things covered… and the big things too. Its like Pinterest in magazine form.


So those are my 10 favourite blogs to read! I’m always on the look out for new ones, so what are yours??

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