Saint Germain des Prés – My Favourite Neighbourhood in Paris


We recently spent a wonderful (but all-to-short) weekend in Paris. For our trip, we chose to stay in Saint Germain des Près, mainly because of it’s central location. When we hopped off the metro at Odéon, I immediately knew this was my kind of neighbourhood, and after walking around most of Paris, I can now say it is my favourite part of the city.

Saint Germain is everything that I imagined Paris to be – cute little streets, cafés on every corner, and exquisitely dressed locals carrying paper bags full of baguettes. It’s full of boutique shops that I’m desperate to go back and rummage through! When sipping a coffee outside a café in Saint Germain, you feel like the coolest, chic-est, most Parisian version of you, and it’s bloody marvellous. I’m currently trying to convince my fiancé that we should catch the Eurostar to spend the day just exploring this neighbourhood. Aled, I know you’re gona read this… so…. pretty pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase????

What are your favourite places in Paris?






I made a video diary of our time in this gorgeous city – bear with me – I’m used to taking photographs not videos (!) But I really wanted to start creating these video diaries to go alongside my blog posts for even more lovely memories, and everyone has to start somewhere, right!?

My Paris Post Series:

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