Macaron Madness: my guide to the best sweet eats in Paris

DSCF0731A few weeks ago, we spent the most glorious weekend in Paris. I feel slightly ashamed to say it, but before I left, I thought “Paris won’t be like it is in films, it will be touristy and stressful… probably underwhelming…. BUT I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE PÂTISSERIES”.

Now, let me just start by saying pre-Paris-me was SO WRONG. Paris was everything I imagined it would be, and more… especially in my new favourite neighbourhood St Germain des Pres.

Having said that, pre-Paris-me was right to get excited for the food sitch. So many people rave about the savoury delicacies. And don’t get me wrong, the boef bourginon, fresh baguettes, and local cheese & wine were another level of yum. It’s just, for me, the sweet treats were the most spectacular part of the food scene. The crème-de-la-crème if ya like ! *winky face*

So here are my top MUST EATS if you find yourself in Paris and love all things sugary.




I spent a LOT of money on macarons when I was in Paris. Considering I was there for less than 48 hours…. my bank account took quite the hit. Buuuuut… SORRY NOT SORRY COS THEY ARE (to quote DNCEF***ING DELICIOUS. Now, I didn’t eat a BAD macaron when I was in Paris, but the best ones I sampled inhaled came from Ladurée. I would especially recommend the vanille and pistache flavours….. and the chocolat….. oh okay and the Pétale de Rose. Also HUGE NEWS – today I found out there is a Ladurée in LONDON. Having just recommended them wholeheartedly to you I do feel a strong responsibility to go and check the London-sourced macarons are just as good as the Parisian ones…. I’m caring that way.




I had read multiple blog posts about the chocolat chaud at Angelina’s before I went to Paris, so I knew I had to go. And…. I’m honestly still dreaming about it. Its so rich, but not sickly. It comes with a pot of cream that you scoop onto the delicious chocolateyness. Mmmmmmmm. We ordered ours with a Mont Blanc, which is the signature dessert from Angelina’s. Honestly, the Mont Blonc wasn’t my cup of chocolat chaud *another winky face*….. it did however teach me that I don’t like chestnut 🙂 You learn something new every day! I WISH I tried the pecan dessert. OH WELL I’LL JUST HAVE TO GO BACK.



Oh my gosh, the buttery crispy goodness that was this croissant. Again, like with the macarons, I didn’t have a bad croissant in Paris. They were all yummy. Maybe this one stood out to me because it was my first decent croissant in a long time (seriously, the ones in England are often actually brioches pretending to be croissants…. eugh).


So, that’s it! Those are my favourite sweet eats in Paris. If When I return, top of my list will be a crêpe! Here are a couple more sugary snaps to make you head straight for the cake cupboard!




I made a video diary of our time in this gorgeous city – bear with me – I’m used to taking photographs not videos (!) But I really wanted to start creating these video diaries to go alongside my blog posts for even more lovely memories, and everyone has to start somewhere, right!?

My Paris Post Series (on the way!):

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