Photography Journal: The North York Moors

A few months ago, we spent a lovely wintery weekend around the North York Moors…. and I completely forgot about the photos that I took! Most of the moors are quite flat, and so as someone who loves a good hike up a mountain, it wasn’t my favourite national park the U.K. has to offer. Having said that, there are some absolutely breathtaking views. My favourite spot (which was actually just outside the official park boundary, I think) was the Flamborough Cliffs. The bright white stone actually kind of reminded me of the salt flats in Bolivia (!) …. although it was much, much, colder and rainy-er. Another gorgeous little town was Robin Hood’s Bay. Think cute little English seaside village, with marvellous coastal walks. We did manage to fit in a short hike during our trip, up a hill called Roseberry Topping. The walk up took around 30 minutes and led to lovely 360° views across the moors. Here are the (belated) photos from our trip 🙂

















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