(Starting) The Buerbreen Glacier Hike


The morning after our hike to Trolltunga we ignored our aching muscles and started a second hike in the Hardangerfjord region to the Buarbreen Glacier. The photo above is the view from the parking lot – the glacier was such a striking shade of blue! The first part of the hike took us through a wood, which emerged next to the river with a gorgeous waterfall (where I managed to take my first decent long-exposure photo! *high fives a thousand angels*).



The next part of the hike was up through the forest. It was quite slippery as the rocks were wet and covered in moss, but it HONESTLY felt as though we were in a fairytale – you can see how so many legends came out of this part of the world. It’s hard NOT to feel the magic as you walk through these forests.



We eventually reached a little bridge over a waterfall, which had a lovely view of the glacier. This was where Aled and I decided to turn back, because of injuries from our hike the day before. Our friends kept going though, and they reached more bridges and even ropes where you had to pull yourself up a rock!!! (I guess that’s why this hike has a ‘red’ rating).

On our journey back down, we saw a little trail heading off the path. Naturally, we followed it and it opened up to a clearing, with THIS view back over the valley. Pretty special, right?  


Once we made it back down to the parking lot, we bumped into a couple of cheeky locals.


I’d love to make it back to the Buerbreen glacier someday to finish the hike – it, like the rest of the Hardangerfjord area, was so so so pretty!! 

You can watch my video diary of our trip around the Hardangerfjord here:

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