Fall in New England: Woodstock and Queechee, VT


Visiting New England in the fall has been on my bucket list for a while. We spent three days road-trippin’ through this gorgeous autumn-lover’s paradise this October. We spent our first day in Shelburne and Stowe, which you can read about here. On our second day, we decided to explore the area around the iconic town of Woodstock. We set off from our hotel in Killington, and the leaves seemed to have changed overnight!! Apparently, they change in pockets depending on where the mist has settled, and the Vermont mist was preeeeeety thick. Our first stop was the Queechee Gorge, which was…. gorg. hehe



When the heights of the gorge were too much to handle, we hopped back in the car and continued towards Woodstock, only to get side-tracked almost immediately by Sugarbush farm. Oh my gosh this little farm on the hillside was amazing. The view was incredible, and they had a gorgeous little rickety barn with horses, cows and goats. The farm specialise in making maple syrup and cheese – and they had tasters of both (mmmmm). We tried four different kinds of maple syrup, harvested at different times of the year. We also tried countless cheese samples, my favourite being cheddar smoked with bacon (bacon makes everything taste better).



After eating as much free maple syrup and cheese as was socially acceptable, we finally made it to Woodstock. We parked on Elm street (before the church) for free, which was super handy! Woodstock has been voted as America’s prettiest town, and you can see why. The houses are picture perfect and the cafe’s are adorable. However, for me, the best part of Woodstock was the farmers market (always food with me). They had the most beautiful autumnal veggies on display outside, including an enormous pumpkin that I wanted to pick up for a photo… turns out I couldn’t even roll it and so I awkwardly crouched next to it instead. Inside was just as heavenly. There were so many free samples (sensing a theme here?) of cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, jams and coffee…. including maple hazelnut coffee (not sweet sickly syrup… flavoured BEANS……. so delish). We actually went to the farmers market twice in that day. To get double the free samples. I know what you’re thinking… and the answer is no, we do not have any shame. 







In the late afternoon, we drove a short way out of Woodstock back to Queechee, where we saw a beautiful autumnal wedding (pumpkins galore!) taking place. We wandered around a nearby lake, taking in the peace and quiet. For dinner, we headed back into Woodstock to Worthy Kitchen. I had the brisket burger with truffle cheese fries. It was insanely good. I normally do not care at ALL about fries. They’re okay, but I never WANT them, and often give mine away. But cover them in truffle oil and cheese?! I literally couldn’t stop eating them. They were the most wonderful crispy potato sticks I’ve ever encountered. In. cred. i. ble. 




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