New England Fall Roadtrip: The White Mountains


After spending two glorious days exploring Vermont (which you can read about here and here), we headed to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We spent one day in the mountains and it was my favourite day of our ENTIRE trip. The leaves were so much brighter than they were in Vermont, and there were beautiful vistas as far as the eye could see. This was the one day of our holiday that truly felt relaxing – we just drove around the winding roads and pulled over when we saw something pretty … my perfect kindof day. We weren’t especially lucky with the weather while in New England – there was patchy rain … just like old England. But it wasn’t all bad.. it made for some pretty dramatic clouds and mist. The drive from Killington to the Franconia area in the north of the White Mountains took around two hours. It was beautiful, with gorgeous little roadside houses and the most adorable road names. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live on Gingerbread Road?! When we reached Franconia, a black bear ran across the road! He then turned around and basically posed for me – but sod’s law meant I didn’t have my zoom lens on my camera at the time. Gah.





After spotting the bear, we drove down to Echo Lake Beach. There was a huge patch of mist rolling towards us through the gap between the mountains. Anyone watched The Mist on Netflix? I thought they were being dramatic, but this mist was honestly moving just like on that show. Kindof scary, but also so so cool!




After lunch at the beach, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving through the White Mountains and taking in the views as and when they popped up. We drove down route 93 and then east along the Kancamagus highway. This road is meant to be prime moose-spotting territory, but we weren’t lucky enough to see any. I guess that mother moose we stumbled across in a parking lot in Jasper was a bit of a fluke! We honestly had the best few days in New England. Autumn is my FAVOURITE season. It’s just so warm and cozy! I’d love to go back someday and stay longer in the White Mountains, maybe taking some time to go out and row on the lakes and do some of the longer hikes.








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