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Dang shuts down

Boomerang X developer calling it quits after funding for a follow-up fails to materialize

New York-based developer Dang is shutting down.

The five-person team behind the 2021 first-person shooter Boomerang X posted a note to social media yesterday announcing the disbanding of the team.

"Dang is closing up shop," the studio said. "Unfortunately we were not able to find funding for our next game and we are out of money.

"We're not writing off the possibility of working on some small stuff together in the future but for now we're all going our separate ways. Thanks to all the love you've shown to us over the years and thanks for playing Boomerang X."

Dang had also been working on a game called IO Interloper, though it was first announced six years ago and did not yet have a release window.

It's been a difficult stretch for layoffs across the industry, with Epic, Activision Blizzard, Team17, Naughty Dog, Gearbox, Rainbow Studios, Ascendant Studios, Beamdog, Crystal Dynamics, Roblox, and Volition all cutting staff (or closing, in Volition's case) in the past month and change.

Dang is not the only indie studio to call it quits either, as Puny Human today announced its own demise, saying a client had put the company in a tight spot by refusing to send previously agreed-upon payments.

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